About Mike Puglielli

WYDL is a tumblr blog run by Mike Puglielli. He is a passionate person. Person, not just in design, but in everything. He collaborates with people in the world to create relationships and learn. This idea is multi-faceted, and while it extends beyond his experience with design oriented stuff, eventually trickles down to the way he does business and creates creative design: design driven, experience drawn, and professionally. 

As much as he enjoys creating design; does he enjoy looking at design. He loves fashion and cars, architecture, illustrations, even furniture. It all has a part in his design realm. Mike works on projects that are about enhancing a brand or product. If you’re stagnant, you lose, so strive for invention. There is always a way to make something better, so never settle. Perhaps that’s WYDL and what you came here to find out. 

Mike Puglielli has worked on a multitude of clients such as Sokolove Law, Merrimack College, Packworks Inc, Momentum Soles, Water Analytics, Neal Advertising, and is working for PC Connections as a Web Visual Designer. Mike has received is Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Graphic Design concentration. 

There are so many ways to get in contact with him to talk about WYDL or What You Want To Learn. Mike lives in Boston MA. He also has no problem talking business with you and, in fact, since you’re offering, drop him a line. 

Enjoy what you see and share what you’ve learned here. 

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